Success in Business Development takes more than just hiring an employee to work a territory. Even the best job candidate doesn't usually bring the skill-set, the mindset, the process, the methodology, or the time management skills and work ethic to deliver the results you need.


Generating new sales opportunities through outbound prospecting is a process that is too complex and labor-intensive for one individual to manage alone day-after-day.

Closing deals and forming client relationships is an art that requires soft-skills; but you don't even get to that stage without the right message and without enough activity. 

Prospecting is a metric-drive science. We've developed the methodology and the process that works by deconstructing prospecting into 5 distinct roles (see image).

Personal Referral Program

Infobeing has invented an honest, refreshing approach to prospecting that we call referral networking. By treating everyone with respect and creating win-win relationships at each step, we get our clients engaged with the people and opportunities that are otherwise out of reach.


Our unique approach to outreach helps you stand out from the crowd so that you get the introductions you need.  

We're interested in representing individuals with integrity; those with a deep desire to create value through service. Our approach is honest, direct, and focused on a win-win in every case. Infobeing is different.

Download the app and join us with an open heart and mind. This is a safe, supportive community of people who have faith in ourselves and in each other. Use the app to match you to compatible people so that you can form new business and personal relationships.

To use this free app, just enter natural-language statements describing what you do, what you offer, and who you are trying to meet. Then check the app daily for new matches and reach out to compatible people.

Also check the daily spiritual teachings. Mastery in life is about more than just the business bottom line. "I Am by Infobeing" is a safe place where we can grow and have fun through meaningful human connections.

Download "I Am by Infobeing" on the App Store or Google Play. 

Conscious social media that helps you meet the right person to fulfill any need.

I AM BY INFOBEING mobile app

I Am by Infobeing Foundation is a non-profit organization that is not affilicated with Infobeing, LLC.

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