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We strengthen your business and social network for maximum success and fulfillment.


Infobeing sets you on the most direct path to success. Why spend weeks in  deliberation when we can take the right action immediately?


Every successful campaign begins with a clear, well-crafted articulation of your message and value proposition. We help you become crystal-clear on what you offer and then we craft a message that resonates.

Outreach programs begin within 2 weeks and results start almost immediately. If you are selling high-value, enterprise solutions and need more sales leads, let's talk.

  • Easy setup 
  • Low cost-per-introduction
  • Guaranteed results
  • World-class messaging
  • Full reach into your target message and you pay only for results

Whether we act as an extension of your sales organization (Inside Sales On-demand) or whether you choose to start a Personal Referral Campaign under the Infobeing brand, we deliver high-value introductions at a price that cannot be matched.

Start with 10 meetings for $5,000 USD. Results are guaranteed. After we've delivered the leads you ordered, you decide whether or not to move forward with another 10 meetings.

We don't make a living by disappointing people. Give us a chance to impress. Contact sales@infobeing.net and let's talk.



During the first call, we'll begin to define your goals & objectives to find a message and approach that will work.


During the second call, we'll go through all the campaign specifics, agree on the contract and terms, and address any remaining concerns.


When you have agreed to get started, we'll get to work immediately on the message templates. We'll start research on the first group of prospects and we'll finalize campaign setup.


Within two weeks of your green-light, prospecting begins and we begin scheduling introductions. We continue until all leads have been delivered and then you decide whether to continue.


This is a team effort, and every member of our team is committed to perfect execution of the approach and process put together by our founder.


Our CEO and Founder, Chad Mark Manney, is a conscious entrepreneuer who has served enterprise software companies such as ATG and Elastic Path Software before starting Infobeing. He also serves as a Board Member of the I Am by Infobeing Foundation and is a spiritual teacher and writer.

Over the past 7 years, Infobeing has served 75+ clients who have run high-impact, maximum-value sales campaigns worldwide. 


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